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To all the people who consult us, we try to help and guide you to the best of our ability. We advise our partners on claims, choice of lawyer and all the necessary steps to exercise their defense as affected by bad banking practices.

To favor the work of the lawyers of those affected, we will be posting here all Orders (Precautionary Measures, Executions, Declinatory Measures etc ...) that have been ruled (in favor of and against the financial entities).


Accumulation Of Shares

Association of Financial Users.Order that rejects declination of territorial jurisdiction, opposition to the accumulation of actions and rules out conflict of objective jurisdiction.


Arbitration Clause

Fundamentally, it is BBVA that presents declines to the claims submitted so that the swap contract is submitted to arbitration by the Madrid Chamber of Commerce. 


Objective Competition

Financial entities are proposing declines due to objective competition both in commercial and in the first instance. we indicate where the trial is going to take place.

Multi-Currency Mortgage Structured & Others

At Asuapedefin we know that entities have offered complex products to retail clients without informing them of the risks involved in the operations. Structured deposits without guaranteed capital, bonds convertible into shares, subordinated debt… these are just some of the products that we have had the opportunity to analyze thanks to our lawyers and financial experts.

Our Associate

If you have hired as an individual (natural person). We will inform you of the possible solutions to your problem as well as the conditions and steps to join.We have lawyers and experts who are experts in the field who offer significant discounts on their fees to our partners .

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